Our Specialties

There is no gap consultation fees for GP visits under Medicare on weekdays. Bulk billing is available with the highest standard of medical care to all our patients.



Ageing is not an unavoidable process with the good hand of our experience medical/nursing staffs. We are providing anti-wrinkle injection plus more to come in near future at good price. Please contact us for more details.

From $69*
Masseter discount at $499



Flu vaccine is available at only $10 or free for eligible patients. Inquiry are welcome.

Vaccination is indisputably the most important preventive method to avoid notorious infectious diseases.

Our clinic provides various government vaccinations, met with strict criteria of vaccination management.
In the meantime, our medical/nursing staffs have trained well to answer your inquiry about private/travel vacciantions.

Woman’s Health


The better half looks after their families and society, and you deserve a better care.

With gentle and thorough care from friendly female nursing staff, by the guidance of medical professional,
we could provide woman health education/examination/routine check-ups, including cervical screen, breast exam, and more.

Minor procedures


Any doubt about unusual skin lesions or cut of your finger?

Our clinic could provide excellent care for minor skin surgery.
We also could have with wound dressing/care for your convenience.

Medical Acupuncture


Acupuncture has been proven for effective towards a series of medical conditions over thousands of years, including

*acute sport injury
*chronic pain (neck/shoulder pain, lower back pain, hip and knee pain, etc)
*menstruation issues (painful periods, heavy blood loss, no periods, etc)
*lots of other refractory conditions

To your surprise, acupuncture is a safer and less painful method than lots of treatment, such as steroids injection. Please contact friendly staff for further information.